The bone ring technique:
New perspectives in augmentation

The initial situation

Until now, a two-stage method usually had to be selected for bone defects augmented with autogenous blocks and then restored by implant placement.

The solution:

The implantologist Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen from Melsungen has developed an augmentation technique which allows bone transplantation and implantation to be performed on large three-dimensional bone defects in a single operation. So-called bone ring augmentation technique can be used today for almost all indications, also including sinus lift.

The advantage

The patient’s treatment time is reduced by approx. five months compared with classical bone block augmentation. The second surgical procedure is no longer required.

The evidence of success

Dr. Giesenhagen has now performed over 900 bone ring augmentations with Ankylos®. Long-term observations document a success rate of over 98%.

The procedure

Bone harvesting takes place either on the chin, palatal or retromolar. The recipient site is prepared and the transplant removed with special trephine drills developed by Dr. Giesenhagen in collaboration with the company Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik.

The practitioners

Application of the bone-ring technique is only suitable for dentists and oral and maxillo-facial surgeons working in implantology who are already experienced in augmentation. The courses offered must definitely be attended prior to applying the technique, as they involve addressing the success factors and risks in detail, which are crucial for successful treatment.

Comparison of the block augmentation
and the bone ring technique

Block augmentation

Two-stage procedure:
2 surgical operations

Dr. Orcan Yüksel, Frankfurt/Main, DE

Bone ring technique

Single-stage procedure:
1 surgical operation

Dr. Orcan Yüksel, Frankfurt/Main, DE